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TECHeGO started at a desk in the corner of the living room and has since evolved into a fully-functioning office with an international presence. Our ideas have always been at the forefront of business operations, systems, and process improvement. We pride ourselves on the positive influence that our work has had on our clients’ businesses.

As we have grown, so have our clients! We’ve implemented over 300 process-intensive systems for our clients, helping them simplify and streamline business processes and strengthen their bottom line!

Where we're headed

The success of our system integration and architecture business has also led us to development. In the past year, we've designed and implemented five applications that our clients have chosen to enhance into their own systems. These applications have further enabled streamline functionality for our clients and we dig the positive reaction we're getting! We'll be launching several applications in the coming months that will enable you to integrate productivity into your existing tools and systems! Stay tuned, they're on their way!

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Meet the Team! We're a relatively laid back group. Pranks are always welcome and April Fool's day is a company holiday. We work just as hard as we play. Everyone here is dedicated to making this venture worthwile... and not just for us. We love our clients. They're kind of awesome. And, since coming on board with us, so are their business processes. Our main priority is helping our clients and we love it! We all have a passion for helping and an endless source of energy — cough, cough, also known as coffee or 'pop' — to enable our partners to have the best business processes around!

If we haven't already, we'd love to meet you. Reach out, we'll be around!

Seth Helgeson

CEO & Principal Architect

Seth Helgeson is the Founding CEO and Enterprise Architect, at TECHeGO. Before TECHeGO, he worked as a consultant and systems architect for companies throughout Arizona. No one knows more Lord of the Rings Trivia than him!

Amanda Campbell

Executive Vice President

Amanda Campbell is our Executive Vice President. She previously managed an Operations and Strategy Team for a Fortune 60 company. Amanda holds her MBA in strategic management. Amanda is our resident 'wino' and enjoys making her own wine every year with her family in the Napa Valley.

Kirk Peterson

Project Manager / Workflow Architect

Kirk Peterson is the Project Manager, at TECHeGO. Before TECHeGO, he worked as the Records Manager at Alipine Air. Peterson attended Brigham Young University where he studied Computer Science. Not only is he a brilliant tech man but he is pretty great at joyriding P-51's.

Bret Ruoti

Director of Sales

Brett Ruoti is the Corporate Sales Manager, at TECHeGO. Ruoti Earned a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Marketing from the University of Phoenix. Brett is a devoted father and, when he isn’t working to improve your business, he is either spending his spare time at his son’s sports events or playing the role of Dance mom for his daughter.

Matt Ivie

Enterprise Project Manager

Matt Ivie is the Enterprise Project Manager at TECHeGO. Previously, he worked as a Web Developer at Steinway Management and studied Computer Science while attending Utah Valley University. He is fluent in German and thinks it is the most beautiful language!

Isaac Robertson

Workflow Architect

Isaac Robertson is the Workflow Architect at TECHeGO. Previously, he worked as a sales representative at Vivint Solar and produced over 130 new accounts for the company. Isaac is a jack of many...sports! He is an amazing skier both on the hill and out on the lake.

Collett Campbell

Collett Campbell is the Content Writer/Marketer at TECHeGO. Before TECHeGO, she was ghost writing biographies and editing content. Collett has her Bachelor's Degree in English from BYU. She is an amazing Mother by day and impeccable writer at night!

Nicholas Winslow

Junior Developer

Nick Winslow is a Junior Developer at TECHeGO. Before TECHeGO, he worked at US Bank Corp as a bank teller. He is currently pursuing a degree in Web Development and Design at Utah Valley University. Nick is a Martial Arts Tricker and flips with the best of them!

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