As a Podio Preferred Partner we are Podio implementation and technical integration experts who can help you create and implement a tool that people will actually use.

User adoption is key to a successful implementation of social software. It’s a balance between creating a tool to suit the needs of your organization and bringing transparency, efficiency and increased collaborative efforts to your way of working. We can help you assess what your needs are on the process side as well as the people side to configure Podio to suit your business, in turn creating a collaborative environment that your people want to be a part of.

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Implementations 91

Whether you are launching your first Podio workspace or replacing an existing employee network, you may need help approaching a project of this size and scope. Implementing an amazing social platform takes creativity, workspace knowledge and, often times, development expertise.

Technical Integrations 83

Business is never done on just one platform. As technical integrators we are here to build unique integrations between your favorite web services. Imagine a fully automated workflow that saves time, reduces errors and works between all your cloud applications.

Our Project Phases and Average Durations
Phase Min 0.22 - 32.32 Max Min 0.38 - 16.88 Max Min 1.18 - 44.27 Max Min 0.45 - 67.00 Max Min 0.78 - 76.33 Max Min 0.55 - 37.48 Max
6.01 hrs
... ... ... ... ...
Architecture ...
5.83 hrs
... ... ... ...
Buildout ... ...
10.05 hrs
... ... ...
Testing, Alterations ... ... ...
8.36 hrs
... ...
Custom Coding ... ... ... ...
19.75 hrs
Project Meetings ... ... ... ... ...
4.35 hrs
Our Project Minimums, Maximums, Averages and What We Quote.
10.56 hrs
274.28 hrs
54.35 hrs
What We Quote
63.05 hrs

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