Does Your Organization Have a Secure Podio Backup Strategy?

Announcing Backup for Podio, the only Podio recommended backup extension that allows you to create a complete backup of your entire Podio organization. No longer are you limited to poorly written scripts or other extensions that get partial data into excel sheets or google docs. Using our Backup for Podio extension you can securely get your data into a SQL or MySQL databases and have all files downloaded using FTP to a location of your choosing.

With Backup for Podio scheduling your nightly backup is as simple as checking a box and a new backup will occur every night starting at 12:01am local time. Now you can have the peace of mind and backup strategy every organization needs all for approx. $1.00 per day.

What data is actually backed up using the extension?

  1. Organization(s)
  2. Organizational Contacts
  3. Workspaces
  4. Workspace Contacts
  5. Workspace Files
  6. Apps
  7. App Fields
  8. App Items
  9. App Item Comments
  10. App Files

What does the data look like once it’s in the database?

tbl_org_id podio_org_id podio_user_id podio_url podio_org_name podio_org_logo podio_user_role podio_org_status  
tbl_org_contact_id podio_user_id podio_org_id org_contact_attribute org_contact_value org_contact_value_type      
tbl_space_id podio_space_id podio_org_id podio_user_id podio_space_url podio_space_name      
tbl_space_contact_id podio_user_id podio_org_id podio_space_id space_contact_attribute space_contact_value space_contact_value_type    
tbl_app_id podio_app_id podio_space_id podio_user_id podio_app_name podio_app_description podio_app_status    
tbl_app_item_id podio_app_item_id podio_app_id podio_user_id podio_app_item_title podio_app_item_link      
tbl_item_field_id podio_item_field_id podio_item_id podio_user_id podio_item_field_label podio_item_field_type podio_item_field_value    
tbl_item_comment_id podio_item_comment_id podio_app_item_id podio_user_id podio_comment_value podio_comment_created_by podio_comment_created_on    
tbl_file_id podio_user_id podio_app_id podio_app_item_id podio_file_id podio_file_type podio_file_link podio_file_name podio_file_size

What if I don’t have a database or technical know how to get everything setup? We've created a hosted backup package just for you! We will setup a MySQL database along with a FTP account and share those credentials with you in Podio, simply enter the credentials we provide and you’re good to go. We also have simple to follow user guides and round the clock support available to answer any questions you may have.

Visit our backup for Podio page to learn more, review our plans and get started.

~ Additional database options are currently under development. In the coming weeks we will be adding Microsoft Azure, Amazon RDS & Dynamo DB just to name a few.
~~ Additional File backup options are currently under development. In the coming weeks we will be adding the ability to have your files placed into Citrix ShareFile, Amazon S3, Dropbox & just to name a few.
~~~ If you have an issue or emergency with your data, please contact support so we can complete the restoration process.