• Big TECH, little eGOs

    Big TECH, little eGOs

    Welcome to TECHeGO, an industry leader in systems integrations and SaaS extension development.
  • We Carve Canyons For A Living

    We Carve Canyons For A Living

    Making changes in any organization isn't easy, but logic and sound reason make it easier. Our workflow architects and system integrators make sense of your existing systems and then make them better!
  • Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

    Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

    And neither were the products we've developed for the future of business. We have some of the best developers in the business designing applications and extensions that will make your life easier and your business stronger.
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  • Our Solutions Make A Difference

    We can always do things better! Whether you have a five-person
    office or a five-continent business presence, we help align resources,
    processes, and personnel.

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  • Meet The Team

    If you haven't heard, there's a buzz about TECHeGO. There's
    a reason why we have had so much success and continue
    to help grow our clients' business successes...it's the Team!
    Meet us, we're kind of a big deal.

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  • This Industry is booming!

    And we're the pros! We've created an interactive blog
    where you can go to learn more about what's happening
    in the space of IoT. It's an exciting place to be,
    and we're at the center of it.

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Services & Products
From designing robust strategic workflows, automations, and SaaS extensions to integrating these unique solutions to into your business operations, our incredibly talented team of innovative business people innovators will always deliver value to your operations and, ultimately, your bottom line.


Design lean processes and organize your business. We partner with you to clean up data and create your revamped, efficient business organization.

IoT System

We integrate your business processes with existing or new platforms and apps; making your final system completely streamlined. Who wouldn't want complete clarity?

Automating Your

Imagine a centralized neural network or “brain” for your company. We connect all of your systems, data and business processes into one centralized brain. Sit back, relax, and automate.

Extension and Saas

Enjoy an increase in effectiveness and productivity, making life a bit easier. Our developers make tools that connect your business without breaking the bank.

Extensions for Podio
  • With our innovated Podio extension, Sync, you can rest assured that your data is safe and easy to find and access.

  • APT is our most popular extension, allowing clients to successfully print documents from any combination of fields, apps, and workspaces within their Podio instance.

  • With Audit, you can easily decide who can view, access, and change the vital information that your business runs on. Once you create the custom user rights for you business, Audit will automatically enforce them within your Podio instance.

Happy Clients
We've played an integral part in improving operations and business systems for some of the world's largest companies.
  • "The secret behind a successful team is often what happens behind the scenes - trackable communication, streamlined processes and effortless collaboration. With the help of TECHeGO, which paired their expertise and best practices with our unique needs, Agency Ingram Micro now has a customized workflow tool that seamlessly connects us across projects, locations and teams to deliver a better product. "
  • "TECHeGO has become an extension to our own business. With their partnership, we've been able to not only create a comprehensive project management suite, but we've also been able to better monitor the delivery and productivity of our business through data retrieval and ticket sales. We manage our business better because of the systems TECHeGO has designed for us."

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