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Workflow automation that can improve for any sized business.

Business Workflow Automation

Business Workflow Automation

Enjoy an increase in effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and a reduction in costs, using tools we custom develop for your business.

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Business Process Consulting

Business Process Consulting

Our consultants assess, plan, and design business workflows in private, public, and hybrid could environments, tailored to your need.

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Custom Extension Development

Custom Extension Development

Our expert architects develop custom one-on-one or multi-app workflow implementation and system integrations for any CRM.

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  • print

    Podio Print Extension

    Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it by creating manual documents, Print is the fastest way to streamline your paperwork processes. Easily collect data, populate a document and send it automatically to Podio and soon any platform you use. Dynamic document creation and delivery options that fit to your business needs.

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  • sync

    Protect Your Podio Data

    Sync for Podio enables you to backup your entire organization's data, ensuring protection moving forward. Schedule snapshots, restore data and take piece of mind that your data is safe and sound. With live data interaction you'll be able to easily manipulate your data to better organize functionality and productivity within Podio.

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  • ava

    Integrate. Automate. Relax.

    AVA is your Automated Virtual Assistant allowing easy automation for busy people. As a Hybrid Integration Platform for your SaaS, IoT and Mobile projects, no other platform plays as well with existing on-premise systems, data warehouses, API management, mobile backend services and IoT platforms.

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  • audit

    Manage Users in Podio

    Managing access rights and the roles/responsibilities for all of your employees in any system can be difficult. We've launched Audit to help with just that! You can now properly manage what access and type of access all users in your org have. Set up proper notifications and requests for access that help create order.

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  • iris

    Gain Insights into Operations

    Business intelligence, data visualization, dashboards and reporting all together. Simplify your big data, gain insights like never before and start improving your business with Iris. Turn AVA's API connection's into valuable data metrics in real-time.

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Recent client projects

Our Work

As professional problem solvers, we've played an integral part in improving operations and streamlining business processes for some of the world's largest companies.

On average our clients cut operating costs by 28%, imagine the impact, architected workflows, clean data and automated business processes can have on your business!

  • Ingram Micro

    The secret behind a successful team is often what happens behind the scenes - trackable communication, streamlined processes and effortless collaboration. With the help of TECHeGO, which paired their expertise and best practices with our unique needs, Agency Ingram Micro now has a customized workflow tool that seamlessly connects us across projects, locations and teams to deliver a better product.

    Agency Ingram Micro

  • Cirque Du Soleil

    TECHeGO has become an extension to our own business. With their partnership, we've been able to not only create a comprehensive project management suite, but we've also been able to better monitor the delivery and productivity of our business through data retrieval and ticket sales. We manage our business better because of the systems TECHeGO has designed for us.

    Jason Isaac, Lead Designer
    Cirque Du Soleil