Introducing Integration for Podio

At TECHeGO, we often integrate with platforms to extend Podio's capabilities and functionality for our clients. From time to time we come across an API that is so cool we have to create an extension and offer it to our clients for free. In this case, however, we have created something so cool that we felt we should offer to ALL Podio users...for free.

Introducing Weather for Podio

Several months ago we had a client who wanted to track the sales data at their service stations. We began, as we do with all our clients, with the discovery process. After learning how the company operates, we architected a workflow that would meet their goals and propel them to greater success within Podio and in business.  

The new workflow integrated with, building on Podio to populate weather forecasts for our Podio calendars. As you can see in the chart below, aggregates a variety of data sources to provide the most accurate forecast possible for a given location.


We decided to release this extension at no cost. To use the extension, fill out this web form with your Podio account name, email, and the address you would like to receive forecasts for. Once enabled, daily calendar items will show the forecast. Additionally, the current day's forecast will update every hour. app integrated with Podio


Weather for Podio and Your Business

Use Weather for Podio when you want to know what the forecast will be, track how weather will impact your business at a local level, or watch employee moral and productivity when a storm or change in weather is approaching

At TECHeGO, we’re always working to develop custom apps and extensions for our clients to use in Podio. Install Weather for Podio for free and check out our most popular apps on our website.


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