Re-Imagining Workflows and Business Processes

How adoption of virtual offices combined with workflow and system architecture improvements can help remote workers.

A few years ago Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer of Microsoft UK, published his ideas on his philosophy of “Flexible Work” in his book Business Reimagined. His thoughts, which you can watch in a captivating RSA Animated short video here, center around the basic idea of empowering employees to choose the best location in which to perform their work. This doesn’t just mean working from home, either -- although home can potentially be the best place depending on the type of work. For those tasks that require a minimal level of distraction, or for which the employee needs an environment conducive to deep-thinking or meditation, a home kitchen or a library are excellent retreats.

Modify a Markdown Table for Advanced Printing Templates

This is a follow up post to the Dynamic Markdown Tables in Podio post. Its a bit trickier to get a table from Podio to look nice in our Advanced Printing Templates extension. But i'm here to show you how.


The basic idea is that the columns of the table need to be a set width since the markdown format is not (yet) supported in Advanced Printing Templates. So i'll show you how to get this space in there, without unformatting the table in Podio.

Creating Dynamic Markdown Tables in Podio Calculation Fields

I recently figured out how to make 100% Dynamic Markdown Tables in Podio. You can create tables with as many rows and/or as many columns as you want, and its dynamic (supports a variable number of rows and/or columns). It’s pretty amazing!


At TECHeGO, we’ve done more complicated versions of this kind of table, so if you want help setting up one or more custom dashboard tables like this, please feel free to contact us for help.


5 Feature We Want to See in Podio

We like Podio so much, that we spend our spare time dreaming of additional features. When you spend all day in Podio like we do, it’s easy to think of a few extra features to make life easier. So here we have a list of the top five features we want to see in Podio.


10 Ways We Stay Productive

At TECHeGO, our team is part of the 3.5 million Americans who work from home everyday. While we think working from home is great and improves productivity, it can sometimes blur the line between professional work time and personal time. We work on tons of projects throughout the day (and sometimes night) and can tell you from firsthand experience that the only thing keeping you from being productive is you.

Security Audit for Podio

For the past several months, TECHeGO has been developing a fully automated app pack to provide an enhanced security solution that Podio does not have. To that end, we are launching a beta version of Security Audit Advanced App Pack for Podio. This app pack consolidates existing features and brand new features in a single workspace for centralized security monitoring.


The Internet of Processes is Here

We read a lot of anticipated excitement on the Internet of Things (IoT). Companies today use IoT technologies to design personal devices that keep us alert while driving, protect our homes, and conserve energy. Soon, these designs will become actual devices that are part of our everyday lives.


TECHeGO: A Year in Review & Preview of 2015

This post, and 2015, marks our fourth-year anniversary of discovering Podio. We are excited to be a part of Podio’s growing ecosystem and are honored to take part in the Citrix Podio Partner Program. As one of the few Podio Developer partners in the United States who do both Podio implementations and technical integrations, we continue to integrate Podio with as many platforms as we can.


Email Mailto Links in Podio Calculation Fields Using Markdown

For customer #L-0493 we needed to pull a contacts email addresses into a calculation field and make it a mailto link. (a mailto link opens up whatever email client you have setup, and it puts in the receipient automatically) This was a bit tricky as calculation fields don’t support direct html. However they do support markdown, which is how we figured out how to get mailto links working!