Security Audit for Podio

For the past several months, TECHeGO has been developing a fully automated app pack to provide an enhanced security solution that Podio does not have. To that end, we are launching a beta version of Security Audit for Podio. This app pack consolidates existing features and brand new features in a single workspace for centralized security monitoring.

Here is a working list of the features Security Audit for Podio currently has:

  • Active Directory. The active directory is a complete repository of all users and user roles for each workspace. Use active directory to automatically remove unauthorized workspace access and to automatically restore proper access if a user is removed incorrectly. This feature includes workspace user permissions management.

  • User Workspace Addition / Removal. Easily remove any user from your entire organization in one step. Likewise, Security Audit Advanced App Pack lets you add and track users.

  • Detailed Security Logs. Anytime a Podio app is created, updated, or deleted, a security log is automatically generated. Security logs also detail users who are added and removed from workspaces.

  • Activity Logs. User activity logs track user submissions and comments in each workspace.

  • Delete Workspaces. Keep track of and delete workspaces.

  • Delete Apps. Keep track of and delete apps.

The developers at TECHeGO have been hard at work making this extension become a reality. Now that the Security Audit for Podio has enough steam behind it, we are looking for participants for our closed beta testing. We encourage anyone interested in features to apply here.


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