Turnkey Sales and Outsourcing System for Podio

At TECHeGO, we automate workflows for our clients in Podio with extensions and implementations. Recently, we created an advanced sales management system for sales CRM and outsource management in Podio called SnO (Sales and Outsourcing). SnO lets you look for contractors, take bids, monitor projects, and quote prices to clients all in one place.

Manage Sales

Streamline your entire sales CRM process when you implement SnO to Podio. If you work on an account with multiple leads, SnO lets you communicate with each lead on specific project phases. This implementation also allows you to nurture leads both internally and externally. 

Work internally to send alerts when a project comes up, a lead is qualified, or any other condition that helps you move through the sales process. From within the system, interested parties can get ahold of the project coordinator to close the deal. This program also closes leads externally through programs like Mailchimp, Mailgun, Infusionsoft, and more.

After a sale, conduct your next phase in an internal estimate system. This system contains a database of items a client could potentially purchase. Based on the selected items, the system generates an estimate for time and cost which is then formatted and sent to clients in PDF form.

Manage Outsourcing

Much like the sales process, managing outsourced projects is easy when you work from one system. After landing a client, a broker can collect bids from contractors through SnO. From there, the broker chooses different contractors to work on different phases of his project based on who quotes the lowest price. SnO System gives a master quote for a single job requiring multiple outsourced items. All this happens behind the scenes without clients knowing their work is outsourced and marked up.

Podio implementations bring clients and contractors into the same system for better communication and project management. Any middle man organization should use SnO if they want their lead generation, sales process, and outsourcing managed in one place. Contact TECHeGO for prices and trials.

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