TECHeGO: A Year in Review & Preview of 2015

On April 9, 2011, while researching process improvements for a client, I stumbled across a little company in Copenhagen called Podio. I read through their entire site, created an account, and began playing in the App Market and with the App Builder. What began as client research ended with me pulling an all-nighter so I could consolidate the entire company workflow into a simple and efficient business process!

Bottom line: I was in love. And on June 8, 2011, we became the first Podio Partner in the United States.

TECHeGO began as a Technology Consulting Firm in South Jordan, Utah. Since the beginning, our focus has always been to work with businesses online and in the cloud. From custom website design and optimization, to turnaround strategies and system integrations, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses streamline their processes.

We work with companies from nearly every industry and web platform imaginable, spanning all programming languages. With custom architected workflows and automations, our team of 15 has saved companies millions of dollars.

This post, and 2015, marks our fourth-year anniversary of discovering Podio. We are excited to be a part of Podio’s growing ecosystem and are honored to take part in the Citrix Podio Partner Program. As one of the few Podio Developer partners in the United States who do both Podio implementations and technical integrations, we continue to integrate Podio with as many platforms as we can.

A Look at 2014

To date, here are a few numbers from 2014 we’re proud of…

  1. We implemented 81 new clients into Podio.
  2. We completed a total of 692 client action items.
  3. We released 6 Podio extensions that are all Citrix ready.
  4. We held, recorded and transcribed 733 client meetings.
  5. We had a total of 4,084 time clock entries billed to the second.
  6. There were 1,238 client automations under management.
  7. We had an average of 5,613 API workflow automations completed per day.
  8. Since 2011, we’ve implemented 418 clients.
  9. Since 2011, we’ve completed over 1 million API calls.
  10. ROI and productivity hours logged for clients exceed the millions.

Current & Future Extensions

Today, our Citrix Ready extensions include…

  • Hootsuite App for Podio
  • Backup for Podio
  • Advanced Printing Templates
  • Tileboards
  • Forecast for Podio
  • Spreadsheets for Podio

We are currently working on the following extensions that we feel will expand Podio as an enterprise player. These extensions are…

  • Security Audit for Podio
  • GoToAssist and Podio Integration
  • DocVerify Integration with Podio and our APT extension
  • Any custom extension for specific client needs.

The Future of TECHeGO

Software like Podio is the future or the business world. Right now, Podio does not think of themselves as an enterprise solution, they view themselves as a great platform for small businesses. They couldn’t be more wrong. With the right architecture and workflow automations, we can replicate and replace any enterprise solution on the market today.

This year, we are transitioning from Podio Partners to Citrix Ready Partners. Switching to a Citrix Ready Premier Partner program opens so many doors. As we work with enterprise clients, not only will we be able to do implementations for Podio, but also system integrations to and from any platform with an API.

Our work will also be focusing on the Internet Of Things (IoT). We have a lot of exciting announcements coming this year when it comes to IoT.

The future of TECHeGO and workflow automations are endless. We look forward to what the new year will bring for our company and our clients.



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